Repair Services

Scotty's Hydraulic Service shop includes general repair/rebuild areas, machine shop, cleaning room, welding room, paint room, and 4 bay truck shop. General repair/rebuild areas are for the disassembly, reassembly and testing of hydraulic components and machinery. Damaged components are quickly repaired or reproduced in our machine shop. All components are cleaned and inspected prior to re-assembly. Once the equipment is repaired and tested it is then painted and labeled for return to the customer.


On site service is available with our mobile service unit. With this valuable service, we can go to your site and troubleshoot, diagnose and often provide immediate repair. Our service truck is equipped with the tools needed to make new hoses and provide other repair services.

Our truck bays are used for the repair of mobile equipment and large components such as boom sections and oversized cylinders. While our main focus is the repair/rebuild of your current equipment, we can in many cases offer replacement components as well. Here are a few examples of what we can do.

  • Cylinder rebuild - Hydraulic (high and low pressure) and Pneumatic
  • Pump/Motor rebuild - gear, vane, and piston
  • Valve rebuild - spool, relief, solenoid, and servo
  • Component replacement - rods, pistons, tubes, glands and other items
  • Hoses from ¼” one wire to 2” four wire made in house and a large selection of adapters
  • Air tools - impact wrenches, demolition tools, drills and grinders
  • Truck repairs - outriggers, cranes and booms, lift gates, pumps, valves and hoses
  • Jacks and porto-powers - manual, air powered, electric
  • Chrome plating - hard chrome plating of rod and tubes available

  • Our Mission Statement

    Our goal is to continue to establish and maintain our respected reputation with our customers and suppliers as a leader in the distribution and repair of quality industrial products. To achieve this goal, River Bend Hose Specialty empowers its people to utilize the team approach with ourselves, our customers, and our suppliers.